Self-service ice production and ice sales series products

PK-ICE140 ice vending machine

Community water vending machine is a pure water model integrating water production and water sales, with the original intention of using high technology to provide international standard drinking water for the majority of residents. It covers an area of only 1 square meter, generally placed in communities, convenience stores, markets, units, schools and other places, community water vending machine gives full play to the advantages of cheap rent, stable consumer groups, close contacts and other advantages of these places, which is conducive to long-term operation. Community water vending machines have developed from coin-operated water vending machines to coin-operated IC card type water vending machines.

PK-ICE900 self-service ice vending machine

Product features Standing cabinet structure, front door design, made of thick steel plate, outdoor powder coated finish, luxurious and beautiful, easy to maintain and install. Parts in contact with ice and water are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. Advanced and stable vending technology. Energy-efficient ice mold cyclic ice spraying technology, ice cubes square and crystal clear. Efficient and stable packaging technology, automatic bagging, bagging, loading ice , sealing bags. There was no human intervention. Sell ice in bulk or in bags to meet different needs. Automatic ice making, sales will be stopped when full ice, lack of ice, lack of water, lack of bags, etc. Use the GSM system to report machine status. Advanced reverse osmosis purification technology, nine water filtration. The pure water quality meets the drinking water standard.

PK-ICE450&WATER800GPD self-service ice vending machine

Product features · The whole machine vertical cabinet structure, front door design, thickened steel plate production, surface spray outdoor plastic powder, luxurious and beautiful, easy maintenance and installation · The parts in contact with ice and water are made of food-grade stainless steel 304 · It adopts advanced and stable sales technology. · Using energy-saving and efficient ice mold circulation spray ice making technology, the ice cubes are square, crystal clear · Independent design of efficient and stable packaging technology, to achieve bag out, bag division, ice loading, sealing, etc. are all automated, without manual operation. · It adopts two ice sales methods, loose ice and bag ice, to meet different needs · Realize the functions of ice making, ice full shutdown, lack of ice stop sale, water shortage stop sale, bag stop sale alarm and other functions, and report the status through the remote GSM system. · The water production system adopts advanced reverse osmosis purification technology, and the effluent quality reaches the standard of pure water.

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