Water vending machines that sell bottled water


Now the community generally orders bottled water to meet the daily drinking water needs, and generally the merchant sends someone to deliver it after receiving the order call from the household, which is more labor-intensive and material resources. With the development of technology, there are now water vending machines that can sell bottled water, that is, large barrels of water vending machines! In the designated location of the residents downstairs to place one or two special large buckets of water vending machines, can support mobile phone scanning code and other payment methods, residents lack water to buy by themselves downstairs vending machines, eliminating the process of telephone appointment, improving efficiency.

This type of large barrel water vending machine is similar to the intelligent express cabinet, and is also a lattice cabinet form, according to the space size of a single lattice can sell 0.5-16L and other common specifications of bottled bottled drinking water. Merchants can put in multiple communities at the same time, and then regularly replenish according to the out-of-stock amount displayed in the regulatory background, optimizing the transaction process and saving a lot of manpower and material resources, thereby improving the overall efficiency.

Urai Intelligence